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Axis Bank ATM network is one of the largest in India. With over 2595 Axis Bank ATM's it has got high reach ability for its customers. AXIS Bank offers International Debit cum ATM card (Photo signature card) which comes with the features of an ATM card plus debit card benefits. All the Savings account holders are eligible for this card. It comes up with the following facilities:- • Access to Cash 24 hours:- An AXIS Bank ATM gives you access to cash 24 hours a day but unlike most of the ATMS it allows you to withdraw up to Rs 40,000 per day • Balance Enquiry:- You can anytime enquire about your bank account balance and take out mini statements of your account transactions. • Prepaid Mobile Refill:- AXIS Bank ATM holders can recharge or Top Up their prepaid mobile refill using their Axis ATM Card

• Payment of Utility Bills like electricity and cellular bills by using AXIS ATM card and directly debiting the amount from account

• International Validity:- AXIS Bank card gives its customers accessibility to their bank accounts all over the world. They are accepted worldwide.

• Deposit Cash/Cheques into account from ATMs

• AXIS Bank International Debit Card Cum ATM is internationally accepted at 9,00,000 ATMs and 22 million merchant establishments worldwide.

• AXIS Bank International Debit Card Cum ATM comes up with a Personal Accident Insurance cover of up to Rs 2 Lacs per cardholder


I want INTERNATIONAL-ATM-CUM-CAED for non-US citizens. Please send me more information. Yours, Charles Michoma

Please My Account Send Personal Id Very Urgent & Importance. This for your kind information & Necessary action Please. Thanks & Regards sarvjeet singh Cont No-91-9772204132

From India i have come to Japan with International debit card. After going back to india, how do i encash my debit card money. Regards, P.Venkatesan

Hi, Is axis bank international debit card accepted in Thailand? Please advice Thanks,

I have AXIS BANK International Debit CARD. I need to make payment through my Inernation Debit Card for biiking of Hotel at Istanbul, Turkey. Is this VISA ELECTORON Internation Debit Card is valid for this?

my card is been broken from one side and i do not want to take risk of stucking some where without card, so wana have new duplicate card, kindly help with the procedure.

Dear Sir Can i use my international debit card for cash withdrawal in Philippines, San carlos city, if then in which bank. Pls reply fast.

I just wanted to know that my Axis Prime ATM cum DEBIT card is valid for swiping internationally? If yes then is there any extra charges will be added for that?

Hi, Is there any axis bank branch in London? Can my relative credit money in my account? How many amount will be deducted to credit in my account? Is there any cost will you take to transfer GBP to INR? Thanks, Manish Khamar

Hi can i use my axis bank debit card in thailand for withdrawing money if yes from which bank or atm

Hi can i use my axis bank debit card in thailand(Bangkok & Phuket) for withdrawing money if yes from which bank or atm

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