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AXIS Demat Account Charges

Axis bank is a registered member of the depository participant of the NSDL. This bank provides advanced facilities like fast and easy transfer of shares and settlements, quick receiving of corporate benefits receipt, auto email service, i-connect depository services and many more.

Axis demat account charges are scheduled on beneficiary account of retail investor.

Following are the charges of the respective type of account:

  • No costs are applicable for the Axis demat account charges for opening purpose.
  • No charges are applicable for closing the account.
  • The demat account charges, for maintenance, Rs 500 for customer authorizing and maintaining the account with axis bank. Rs 2500 for a customer who has no authorized bank to debit.
  • Demat charges applicable are Rs 5 per certificate subject to a minimum of Rs 50 per request. Demat charges are recovered through monthly bill.
  • Applicable remat charges are Rs. 20 for every 100 securities or Rs. 50 per request whichever is the higher. Remat charges will be recovered through monthly bill.
  • The Axis bank demat account charges for debit transactions 0.04% i.e. minimum Rs 20 per instruction. Selling transaction charges are to send through monthly bills.
  • Failed or rejected instructions are charged Rs 10 per instruction. The bills are sent monthly.
  • Ad hoc statements are to be charged Rs 100 and charges recovered upfront.
  • This bank charges for pledge creation Rs 25 per instruction i.e. 0.04%, recovered through monthly bill.
  • Pledge closure charges are minimum Rs 50 per instruction at 0.04%, recovered through monthly bill.
  • Pledge invocation charges are minimum Rs 50 per instruction at 0.04%, which is also recovered through monthly bill.
  • The above mentioned Axis demat account charges are inclusive of NSDL charges.


worst worst worst service.. i want to close dmat account.. how do i do it? i lost 1300 for opening account, i did nothing with this account

axis bank very very very worst in customer satisfaction. they un intimately deducted for demat account maintenance charge. I am working in corporate for the salary account linked dmate.Account they told offer for life time free dmate account. but now they deducted un necessarily for this (rupees 600).

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