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Accreditation Agencies of India

Accreditation Agencies of India And Their Relative Merits[edit]


  • Institution that earn accreditation confirm heir to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer receive.
  • It considered whether schools are providing excellent professors, top research opportunities to work with professionals, high quality class mates and classes that challenge their ideals.
  • It is the most difficult to achieve. It is granted to the college and not to individuals’ courses. If your institution has it you can rest assured that there would be sustained value addition that you will get from the school.
  • The certification also enables you to get credit transfers, advanced standing international migration etc.Colleges site membership of AACSB as achievement. Not any college which pays the fee can become a member.


  • AMBA accreditation programmed. It evaluates programmers in terms of major criterion like faculty, students’ curriculum delivery assessment and duration. Each of the factors then has major themes that the assessment team evaluates.
  • Remember there are no AMBA certified schools. There are only AMBA certified programmers.
  • For example, if the school says an MBA must have analytical skills the AMBA accreditation would demand that the school provide there are deliverables within the course that makes the student capable of analysis and the assessment certain includes tools to assess the same.
  • What the certification means to you is that there is a constant scrutiny on what is being taught as well as why it is why it is being taught. So you will invariably get value for money.


  • An independent European system which again accredits institutions rather than programmer. It still has not caught up the way AACSB has done, at least in India.
  • It places lots of emphasis on the mission goals and objectives of the institution. Internationalization is also a core area of validation for Equis.


  • This is an international standard for assuring the user that the institution has a document way of doing is business and give proof that it does so on consistent basis.
  • It does not assure quality. It only assures you that the school has a documented way delivering way of delivering a certain service.
  • It can deliver that service at any level of quality. Only the delivery has to be consistent.
  • This is meaningless for a business school. So don’t get carried away by this certification.


  • NAAC accredits institutions. It assesses a college or a university in terms of curriculum process, learning systems, research development student support governance and innovative perspectives.
  • Both NAAC and NBA processes are much prospected and is designed from an input orientation.
  • The outcomes are not given prime place in their scheme of things. In terms of value for students.
  • Its presence does not make much difference.


  • The much maligned AICET’s own accreditation mechanism. It again accredits programmers of a school.
  • Crudely one could call it the Indian version of AMBA, though NBA accredits all forms of technical education, both at graduates and undergraduate levels.
  • The fact that even accredited institutions have been now placed under scrutiny shows either the accreditation process is inadequate or the scrutiny itself is based assessment process do not place any weight on these processes.


Please provide me with a list of Accreditation Agencies which Accredit schools in India (Indian Agencies only. contact - 09466024402

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