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Ahmedabad to Kolkata

Ahmedabad has a Railway junction, International airport and well-connected highways to different states. To reach Kolkata one can choose between any mode of transport depending on time and cost involved in journey. Railway is the cheapest option for trip to Kolkata.

Ahmedabad to Kolkata by Air[edit]

From Ahmedabad International Airport there are frequent flights to Kolkata which makes the journey possible within 2 hours (nonstop) to 6 hours. Airfare ranges between Rs 2500 to Rs 5000 depending on the service provider and class opted for traveling.

Ahmedabad to Kolkata Flights

Departure-Airlines-Days-Arrival-Flight No.


Ahmedabad to Kolkata by Train:[edit]

Kolkata is at distance of 2087 kms from Ahmedabad and it takes nearly 38 hours by train to reach Kolkata. If time is not a major concern it is cheaper than traveling by air.

Railway fare:

2ND CLASS: 1929/-
3RD CLASS: 1407/-
SL CLASS: 493/-

Ahmedabad to Kolkata Trains

Train No-Departue (Ahmedabad)-Arrival ( Kolkata)

2833 HOWRAH EXPRESS -DAY 1: 23.55 -DAY 3: 13.30
2905 PBR HOWRAH EXP(WED, TH)-DAY 1: 15.45 -DAY 3: 3.35

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