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In the midst of the lush - green fields of the River Godavari the Konaseema area reminds one of the sanctity and sacred feeling described in the Vaastu Sastra. In this area of Konaseema is AINAVILLI, where the "SIDDI VINAYAKA TEMPLE" is situated. Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Swamy temple in Ainavilli is an ancient and very popular shrine in the Konaseems area.

The Vinayaka idol here is said to have been installed by Veda Vyasa the author of Mahabharata. Kshetra purana says that Daksha Prajapati is said to have offered prayers to this Vinayaka idol before embarking on his ill fated yagna. There is another story that Vyasa Maharshi, during the beginning of his tour of the South, had installed the Son of Parvati at this place and this age - old "SIDDI VINAYAKA" is reputed to fulfill the wishes of his devotees. There are many subshrines here.

Here Sri Kesava Swamy (Lord Vishnu) is flanked by Sri Devi and Bhoo devi. The other shrines are dedicated to Sri Annapurna devi, Sri Kalabhairava swamy and Sri Visveswara swamy. Also there is a shrine for Lord Ayyappa, which is a recent addition. The sanctum is past the entrance over which is a three tiered gopuram. The image is Sri Siddhi Vinayaka is gold plated. According to Saivagama, every day archanas are performed. Abhisheka is done regularly according to sastra.

The temple is small in comparison to the other big famous ones, but it attracts a large amount of crowd. The crowds who visit return to fulfill their vows. It is common belief of the people that this very ancient temple was installed by early "DEVATAS". In course of time the re - establishment, renovation and development was undertaken by Peddapuram rulers.

Accessibility to Aninavilli[edit]

Ainavilli is 72kms from Kakinada. The route is shorter and more enjoyable when the ferry is taken at Kotipalli and then an auto is hired once the devotee lands. Ainavilli is 55kms from Rajamundry. Amalapuram (14kms) is the nearest town and can be accessed both by buses and share autos. Accomodation is available at Amalapuram.


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