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Air India National

Air India is the national airline service of India. This service was founded by J.R.D Tata in the year 1932 by the name of Tata Airlines. The Tata Airlines was a division of Tata sons limited which has now become the Tata group.

At present the Airline services are managed by National Aviation Company of India Limited.

Some of the features of Air India are:


* It has 159 airplanes in its fleet.

* Presently it is the 16th Largest Airline in Asia.

* This service serves 25 destinations of the world.

* Its affiliated carriers serve 100 cities.

* Air India provides services to 9 destinations of the country and 15 destinations international in the country.

* It has some subsidiary groups and connects 93 destinations in 24 countries.

Air India has two subsidiary airlines at present. The two subsidiary airlines are Air India Express and Air India Cargo.

* This Airlines Company is mainly focused in the city of London.

* The main Hub of Air India is the ChattrapatiShivaji
International Airport. The other secondary hubs are Indira Gandhi International Airport and Frankfurt Airport.
Milestones for Air India

* In the year 2001 the NDA government put up Air India for sale. The plan of re-privatization was held because Singapore Airlines pulled out and global economy slumped.

* In the year 2007 the government of India announced that the company would merge with the India Airlines. With the merging process National Aviation Company of India Limited or NACIL came into existence and its headquarters would be in Mumbai.

* In the year 2010 it is expected to merge with Star Alliance according to the announcement made by the latter on 13th December 2007.
Financial deficit of Air India

* During 2006-07 Air India had to face financial distress. Both Air India and Indian Airlines had to bear a loss of Rs 7.7 billion. This went up to Rs 72 billion within March 2009. The restructuring of plans followed the distress.
* During the year 2009 3 Airbus A300 and one Boeing 747-300M was sold for $ 18.75 to survive the financial deficit.