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Airtel 3G

Airtel has launched a new generation of mobiles called Airtel 3G mobile communication system. This generation has the latest technology embedded in it offering far more good features than old 2G mobile phones. Let us now know more about Airtel 3G mobile.

==Uniqueness of Airtel 3G mobile phone==
*you can easily connect to your friends or family via video calling provision in Airtle 3G mobiles.
*The internet speed is extremely high in Airtel 3G system.
*You can download or upload the pictures on internet via Airtel 3G.
*There is also a provision 3D games via Airtel 3G.
*In order to achieve the video calling both the mobile phones must have 3G system activated on it.
*Airtel 3G also offers USB 3G Data cards. This is a portable device where you can access a real high speed internet by plugging it on to your laptops or on your personal computer.

==How to check if your mobile is elgible for Airtel 3G connection==
*There are two major types of 3G connections called HSPA and WCDMA.
*In order to check if your mobile is eligible for Airtel 3G connection log on to the following url and enter the company name and the model name of your mobile.

==Apply for Airtel 3G mobile online or in person==
*You can log on to and fill the application form to switch to 3G mobile connection.
*Airtel customer care representative will contact you within 3 working days for the completion of the further procedure.
*You can also apply for Airtel 3G USB data card through the same application form. All you need to do is you have to mention the right requirement of yours to the Airtel customer care executive.
*If your mobile is eligible for 3G connection then Airtel 3G connection can get activated within 24 hours.
*You can also visit the nearest Airtel branch and get the Airtel 3G mobile or laptop USB cards. To find out the nearest dealer visit [[Airtel Customer Care]].

==Cost price of Airtel 3G USB data card==
*Airtel 3G data card costs Rs.3500 as the initial deposit which is non refundable as it is the cost of the device.
*The speed of the internet is from 256kbps to 3 mbps.
*The monthly charges are dependent on the Tariff used. For more information log on to
*Airte 3G mobile service charges are also dependent on the plan opted for more information you can log on to
Also visit [[Airtel Customer Care]]