Airtel Broadband Connection

Airtel offers various broadband plans for its customers from 128 kbps Broadband connection to 16 mbps connection (in selected cities)

How to Apply for Airtel Broadband Connection[edit]

  • You can apply for Airtel Broadband via online.
  • You can apply for Airtel Broadband via phone, the executive will visit your place in 24 hours with the plan details.
  • You can apply for Airtel Broadband by contacting nearby airtel office.

Apply for Airtel Broadband Connection Online[edit]

  • Log on to Site and fill the application form "Need a broad band connection".
  • Airtel representative will you a call within 24 hours.
  • You can either ask him to send an airtel broadband agent/representative to your door steps or you can ask for the nearest airtel branch.
  • If you are opting for Airtel sales person, then sales person will be visiting your house within 2 to 3 days of time with all the equipments to set up a broadband connection.
  • You have to make the caution deposit payment and fill the application form, with a copy of an address proof.

Apply for Airtel Broadband Connection through phone[edit]

  • You can call Airtel Customer Care and ask for sales executive visit to your home. Normally Airtel sales representative will be visiting your house within 2 to 3 working days and will set up the broadband connection. Though the actual setting up of broadband connection can take
  • All you need to do is collect the application form from him and make caution deposit payment.

Apply for Airtel broadband through Airtel Offices and Collection Centers[edit]

  • You can visit the nearby Airtel center and apply for the broad band connection. For contact information and to find out the nearest Airtel center you can visit Airtel Customer Care
  • You have to collect the application form and submit the duly filled form with caution deposit.
  • You also have to submit a copy of address proof along with application form.
  • Airtel sales representative will be visiting your house and set up the broadband connection.
  • Visit Airtel and click on the link nodal office to find out the nearest branch.

Airtel Broadband Connection Bill Payment[edit]

Apply for Airtel mobile broadband connection[edit]

  • You can have Airtel broadband connection on your GPRS enabled mobile only.
  • In order to activate the mobile broadband you can call to 121 on your airtel mobile and activate the broadband facility.
  • You can even visit the nearby Airtel branch and get mobile broadband connection activated instantly.
  • Mobile broadband bill will be deducted from your mobile balance for prepaid connection holder and for post paid connection holder bill gets generated at the end of the month along with phone bill.
  • Airtel contact phone number for broadband connection

Call : [city code]-44444121. For example: Bangalore: 080-44444121, Delhi 011-44444121 etc.

The amount of caution deposit totally depends on the tariff plan you are opting to. Also monthly rental and the internet speed is dependent on the tariff you take up

For more information you can email:

For information on various Airtel broadband tariff log on to

For more information on Airtel broadband you can read Airtel Broadband and Airtel Broadband Installation.


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