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Airtel Caller Tune

Airtel offers various caller tunes of latest and old hindi songs, Kannada songs, Tamil songs, Telgu songs etc. The activation process of Airtel caller tunes is one of the simplest tasks. Let’s explore more about Airtel caller tunes.

==How to get started with Airtel Caller tunes==
*you can call to 57878 and record the songs which are currently getting played on your local FM. This is a toll free number and the song can be recorded for 20 seconds.
*Airtel has offered new packaga called “Gana Bajana Tunes” where Airtel subscriber has to call to 543215 and say the favorite movie name or album name to set the song as a Airtel caller tune.
*If you have liked your friend’s Airtel caller tune the simple step to make it yours is just press * on your Airtel mobile and get the same caller tune copied as your caller tune.
*You can also call 543215 to find out songs from any latest movie or album and set it as your Airtel caller tune.
*In order to select a favorite song from a collection of 80000 caller tunes you can call to 543211 and hear the favorite Airtel caller tune and set it as yours.
*Airtel subscriber can also call to *678# which is a Airtel toll free portal number , you can easily set the Airtel caller tunes here.

==Subscribe to Airtel caller tune==
*Airtel caller tune subscription is very easy. You have to send a SMS to 543211 and the message is - SET ‘Songcode' .
*In order to find out the Songcode you can follow the above specified steps.
*You can also call to 543211808 and activate the Airtel caller tune.

==Unsubscribe Airtel Caller tune==
*You can call to 543211808 and deactivate the caller tune.
*You can SMS STOP to the number 543211 and unsubscribe the Airtel caller tune.
*You can also call to *678# to unsubscribe the Airtel caller tune.

==Airtel caller tune charges==
*If you call to 543211 for the caller tune subscription you will be charged Rs.5 per minute.
*The SMS charge for activation of Airtel caller tune is Rs.5.
*The monthly subscription charge of Airtel caller tune is Rs.30/
*If you would like to subscribe for 3 months the charge is Rs.60.
*The subscription charge of Airtel caller tune for 6 months is Rs.120.
*The subscription charge of Airtel caller tune for 12 months is Rs. 200.
Also visit [[Airtel Customer Care]]