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Airtel Data Cards

Airtel has launched a device called Airtel Data Card which can help you access internet from any part of the country. The Airtel Data card also has the features of SIM card which has EDGE technology and GPRS technology enabled in it.

==Features of Airtel Data Card==
*Airtel data card is extremely simple to install and is very easy to use.
*You get a wide range of tariffs to pick your favorite.
*Airtel Data card can be used across India as well as abroad based on the tariff you have switched to.

==Airtel Data Card Installation Procedure==
*User gets a EDGE software CD after the data card connection activation.
*You have to simply install the software on your laptop or PC.
*Next step is to insert the data card on your computer.
*You can get started by clicking on the EDGE software icon of your desktop.

==Airtel Data card Tariffs==
*The cost of the Airtel Data card at present is Rs.4999/-.
*If you switch to plan 1 which has a monthly rental of Rs.350 you get a free download up to 500 MB.
*If you switch to plan 2 which has a monthly rental of Rs.599 you get a free download up to 1gb.
*The additional charge for plan1 is Rs.5 per mb
*The additional charge for plan2 is Rs.3 per MB.
*Plan 2 has a free SMS package of 100 sms.
*You can also make additional monthly payment of Rs.149 and switch to local, STD and international SMS for Rs.2 , Rs.3 and Rs.5 respectively.
*The call rate for local is 1.99rs per minute. STD is rs.3 per min.

==How to apply for Airtel Data card==
*The simplest way to apply for airtel data card is to visit the nearest Airtel branch. To find out more about this you can visit [[Airtel Customer Care]].
*you can also log on to and fill the application form to get the Airtel data card.
*You can email to

==Value added services in Airtel Data card==
*You can access internet even while you are on roaming.
*You can access internet even on International roaming.
*The warranty period of Airtel data card is 24 months.
*If the Airtel data card is stolen you can file an immediate complain by logging on to

==The contact numbers for Airtel Data card==
MUMBAI - 9892307070
PUNJAB - 9872007070
CHENNAI - 9840007070
KOLKATA - 9831717070
MAHARASHTRA or GOA - 9890107070
GUJARAT - 9898547070
DELHI - 9871427070
KARNATAKA - 9845907070
HARYANA - 9896407070
RAJASTHAN- 9829207070
You can also log on to
You can also visit for more information on Airtel data card.