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Airtel Wireless

Airtel wireless is one of the most convenient ways to access internet from any corner of the country. The installation of Airtel wireless devices is very simple and highly easy to use.

==Advantages of Airtel wireless Internet==
*Airtel wireless gives a exceptionally high speed internet.
*Airtel wireless device installation procedure is really easy and quick. One has to simply plug the device into the USB port and can get started with the internet usage.
*Airtel offers a varied wireless internet package or various package plans depending on user’s convenience.

==Airtel wireless various devices==
*Airtel 3G device
*Airtel Edge device
*Airtel Micromax 300G device
*Airtel Micromax 200G device.
*Airtel wireless capital edge 2G device.
*Airtel wireless capital 3G device.
==Airtel wireless device’s various features and specifications==
*Airtel 3G wireless device offers a international roaming facility which are exclusively meant for PC and notebooks.
*This device offers a EDGE or GPRS technology with a SMS facility. The speed offered by Airtel wireless 3G device is up to 3.6 MBPS.
*The cost of this device is Rs.3799.
*Airtel wireless 2G device is using EDGE technology which also offers international raoming facility.
*The speed of this particular device is Rs.2000 and the speed of the internet offered is up to 1MBPS.
*Airtel wireless Capital 2G edge device implements EDGE technology and offers a world wide connectivity.
*It also offers SMS facility and the cost of this device is Rs.1499.This device also has a warranty of 1 year.
*Airtel wireless Capital 3G device offers GPRS, EDGE or GSM technology in it which has all the features of 2g as well as additional 3G features.
*This device offers internet speed up to 2mbps worldwide.
*The cost of this Airtel wireless 3G device is Rs.2499.
*Airtel wireless Mircomax device offers any one of the following technology GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
*The cost price of this device is Rs.3499 which has all the latest features like worl wide connectivity, SMS facility, International calling facility, plug or play facility etc.
*All of the Airtel wireless devices are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating system.
*Micromax is the only Airtel device compatible with Linux operating system.

==Airtel wireless Tariff plans==
You can visit [[Airtel Data Card]] to know about Airtel wireless tariff plans.
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You can also visit [[Airtel Customer Care]]