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Alert on Credit Card Transactions

Alert on Credit card transactions is a process to keep the customer informed about the transactions in his account. The process of alert is designed to keep the customer informed the cardholders about the transaction activity on credit card. It keep the card holders informed about it within seconds, the card holders receive alerts through mail or short message service delivered directly in customers mobile devices. The alert is generally sent for the following transactions :

 Cash withdrawal from the ATM machine  Any online purchase or payments by credit card  A transaction which crosses the limit of the credit card holder  Any telephone transaction or Phone banking transaction  Any bill payment from the credit card

Alert received by the cardholders is useful information to keep track of all the transactions. If any transactions is irregular can contact the bank and stop the payment. This service is for the customer to keep close track of the transactions and spending.

The alert by the Banks on credit card use is a important service which the card holders must subscribe to while taking the services.


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