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Anantagiri Hill Station & Himayat Sagar In Rangareddy Disrict

==Anantagiri Hill Station & Himayat Sagar In Rangareddy Disrict==

'''Anantagiri Hill Station'''

* Anantagiri is a famous hill station in Ranga reddy,located 70 km from [[Hyderabad]], [[Andra Pradesh]] tourism Development Corporation Ltd has prepared a master plan to develop this hill station.

* The proposed 200 acre hill resort will have a business park with conferencing facility besides a health care centre,adventure club and recreational units like open theater and multicuisine restaurants.

* The corporation also plants to develop a common entrance plaza, public utilities and other basic infrastructure facilities.

* A surprise feature in the rocky, brown landscape of the RR District is the Anantagiri hill range.

* This startlingly beautiful hill station is an ideal and upcoming summer resort.

* With ancient cave-like structures and bathing ghats, with the temple of Lord Ananta Padhmanabha built centuries ago by
a muslim king – this is yet another place that bears testimony to the glorious history of the land.

==Himayat Sagar==

* This lake is 20 kilometers distant from the Hyderabad city.

* This is a picturesque lake that supplies drinking water to the city,Besides Osmansagar.

* This is a picturesque lake that supplies drinking water to the city,Besides Osmansagar.

* This reservoir is created to overcome the flooding of the Musi Both the Himalayasagar on the Musi and Osmansagar on the Isa were built by Osman Ali Khan,the VII Nizam.

* The road on the bund of Himayat Sagar lake provides an exhilarating driving experience.

* The heavenly combination of crisp clean air, sparking water and lush vegetarian will remain evergreen in the memories of tourists.

* '''Sagar''' meaning ocean in Sanskrit is descriptive of this massive expanse of water.

* The placid and unpolluted waters of this lake have been the source of drinking water to the people of twin cities for a long time now.

* The splendid surroundings of the lake provides welcome respite to the city-weary populace.