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Anathapur is Located in Andhra Pradesh under Rayalaseema Region .It is the largest district of Andhra Pradesh . The important places in Ananthapur are

PENUKONDA : It is 425 km from the south of Hyderabad . It is a rocky hill dominates penukonda or a Big hill with walls rising up its steep sides to form an almost triangular fort . Penukonda a historical place , is a capital of Aravidu rulers .
The Parsvanatha Jain Temple is a important place to visit in penukonda , contains a remarkable sculpture dating from Hoysala period .
The Sher Shah Mosque in penukonda has an arcaded façade and a bulbous dome .
Rama temple , shiva temple , Gangan Mahal and Dargah of Babayya are other places to visit in penukonda .

LEPAKSHI : It is Located at 16 Km from Hindupur Railway Station and 460 Km south of Hyderabad . The best attraction of Lepakshi is the Veera Badhra temple , dedicated to Lord shiva which was built in mid 16th century . There is imposing monolithic seven – headed naga sheltering a granite linga , to the south east of the main shrine .

PUTTAPARTHI : It is Located at 30 Km away from Dharmavaram Railway Station , 150 Kms from Bangalore and 437 Kms from Hyderabad . It is considered as the Birth place of Sri Satya Sai Baba , the godman who preaches religious tolerances , universal love and service to others . The Prashanthi Nilayam Ashram is Build in 1950 for his followers .

GOOTY FORT : It is Located at 45 Km away from Ananthapur , an ancient fort has been in place right from the period of Ashoka to the later British . It is one of the oldest forts in Andhra Pradesh .

TADAPATRI : It is Located at 54 Km away from Ananthapur and 93 Km from Chuddapah . Temples of Bugga Ramalingeswara and Chitala Venkataramana are situated on the banks of river Pennar .

VOTIMITTA KONDANDARAMA TEMPLE : It is Located around 35 Km from cuddapah . This kondandarama temple was built by Chola kings in 11th century .

DHARMAVARAM : It is Located at 45 Km away from Ananthapur . It is famous for the temples of Sri Lakshmi Chennekesava , Ramalingeshwara temple . It is also famous for cotton and silk weaving industries .The place is ruled by shatavahanas .

Other places to visit Yadki caves , Gududu , Kadiri , Hemavathi etc


Ananthapur is well connected by road and rail through all parts of the country . national highways from Chennai and Hyderabad passes through the city . Many private and government buses are provided from major cities .

Puttaparthi has Airport.