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Andhra Bank

Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya, the freedom fighter has founded Andhra Bank. On 20th November the registration of Andhra Bank was done in the year 1923. The Andhra Bank started its business operations on 28th November in the same year 1923. The theme of the Andhra Bank is togetherness.

Andhra Bank’s Symbol The Andhra Bank’s symbol is Infinity which represents that the Andhra Bank can do anything for the customers. The Infinity is of two colors red and blue. The red color indicates the dynamism of the Andhra Bank and the blue color indicates the solidity of the bank. The philosophy of Andhra Bank is to look for newer directions and growth which is represented by the blue arrow at the top of the symbol.

Andhra Bank Website The website for Andhra Bank is Andhra Bank. The website of the Andhra Bank can be viewed in three different languages Telugu, English, and Hindi. This website consists of information about the Andhra Bank’s services and products.

Andhra Bank Mission and Vision The mission of Andhra Bank is to venture into a spectrum of financial services apart from its core activity of banking. The most concern of the bank is customer satisfaction by providing innovative and need to be based financial products and services using state of art technology. The vision of the Andhra Bank is to create a customer-centric organization with a deep sense of social responsibility and to continuously leverage technology to attain world-class standards of performance.

The Andhra bank offers products like deposit schemes in which savings account, current account, and term deposits are covered, Retail loans in which housing loans, vehicle loans, mortgage loans and personal loans are covered, Agriculture loans in which all kinds of loans related to agriculture are covered. The Andhra Bank offers services like Corporate Banking and NRI Banking also.

The Andhra Bank also offers Mobile Banking services, Multi City Cheque facility, Online tax accounting system, Real time gross settlement, Instant funds transfer, ATM services, any Branch Banking, Electronic Clearing Service and National Electronic Funds Transfer services. The Andhra Bank has its network of branches and ATMs all over in India.