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Andrea Kambli

Andrea Kambli is the wife of the ex-cricketer Vinod kambli. Befor marriage her name was Andrea Hewitt. They got married on 8th September, 2009. She is the second wife of Vinod Kambli. Andrea is a fashion model who has done her share of modeling assignments. She was introduced to Vinod Kambli through common friends. It appears that the couple hit it off from the very start of their meeting. They kept their relation under wraps for some time and got married eventually.

Andrea Kambli and Vinod Kambli

Her husband, Vinod Kambli, just could not stop smiling when they were married. He said that he hoped that now lady luck will shine on him, and will work wonders for his career. The cricketer, who is otherwise flamboyant, seems to have mellowed down now after his marriage to Andrea Kambli.

Andrea got married to Vinod Kambli in the court, and they both deliberately put a hold on their honeymoon celebrations till they had their church wedding. The couple took their marital vows in front of their family and friends.

According to Andrea Kambli, what she liked the most about her husband was the fact that he can smile even when he is going through tough times. She said that in such situations, her husband Vinod Kambli, instead of being sad he laughs and tries to make others around him laugh.

Recently there has been a buzz that both the husband and wife are participating in a new reality show, which is dance-based, on Colors channel. Andrea Hewitt is a small time model with a glamorous body. With her height and shapely body she is one eye-catcher.

Not much is known about the past of Andrea Kambli Hewitt, except that she has done a few advertisements and is not much of a cricket enthusiast. However, she says that she likes to watch her husband play. And she hoped that he may soon get an opportunity to play for the country. It is said that Vinod Kambli has been in talks and has rigorously been trying to make his way back into the team.

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