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Architecture Of Andhra Pradesh

Architecture Of Andhra Pradesh[edit]

  • The ancient temples and other historic monuments of all state bring to the fore the grand architecture, traditions and conventions, faith and beliefs , arts and culture and suchlike interests of the glorious people of the bygone days.
  • The architecture, Sculpture and the intricate construction pattern s unique to several royal dynasties are reflected in various temples of the state.
  • The ancient temple at Tirupati dedicated to Lord venkateswara, one of the various forms of Lord Vishnu, situated on the peak of one of the marvelous mountain of a glorious range suffused with dense forests ranks first among worship centers or second at times to Roman catholic church, in its income by way of pecuniary offerings and votive oblations by the millions of devotees who throng the sacred dominion of the Lord, which is also called ‘Ezhumaalai’ or ‘Seven Mountains’.
  • The ‘Tirumala Tirupati Desvasthanam’ is responsible for the maintenance of this temple and certain others as well.
  • There are ‘Temple Tanks’ in almost all the temples here characteristic features of the south Indian Temples.
  • There are also ancient Mosques and Churches,aplenty.
  • The capital city, Hyderabad has a deep-felt influence of Hinduism and Islamism.
  • The state has patronised a variety of cultures and religion during different periods in history.

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