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Arun Netravali

Arun N. Netravali (born May 26, 1946 in Mumbai) pioneered digital technology that includes HDTV. He is an Indian-American Engineer and has two children, Ilka and Ravi. He is at present the managing partner of a venture capital business, OmniCapital LLC, and is also director in a number of companies such as Agere Systems.

Education & Career of Arun Netravali

Arun N. Netravali obtained his undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. from Rice University in Houston, Texas. He later taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, and Rutgers University.

Important Work by Arun Netravali

Author of over 170 technical papers, Arun N. Netravali has co-authored books such as Digital Pictures: Representation and Compression, Digital Video: An Introduction to MPEG-2 and Visual Communications Systems,. Netravali also holds over 70 patents which are related to computer networks, picture processing, human interfaces to machines, and digital television.

He has carried out decisive research in various fields including digital compression and signal processing. He was the Chief Scientist for Lucent Technologies. Arun Netravali was the President of the leading high-tech lab in the world, Bell Laboratories during 1991-2001 which is the research and development wing of Lucent Technologies. The Bell Labs has over 27,000 patents and produced nine Nobel laureates. His publication includes Digital Pictures: Representation, Compression and Standards (Applications of Communications Theory) which he co-authored with Barry G. Haskell (second edition, 1995).

Awards and Achievements for Arun Netravali

Netravali has to his credit a number of awards and honorary degrees. He won the U.S. National Medal of Technology and the Padma Bhushan.