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Arya Samaj Marriage

About Arya Samaj

In 1875, Arya Samaj was formally registered in Mumbai, India, which was found by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati. The main purpose of establishing this society is to preserve the values and beliefs of Hindu Dharma and to take it away from all its ambiguities. For this purpose, Arya Samaj goes back to the original scriptures of Hinduism, the Vedas. In fact, this society motto is also taken from the Vedas, "Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam" (Make this World Noble). Marriage at Arya Samaj

As the society Arya Samaj is based on the Hindu religion, Arya Samaj marriages happen only within the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains, and the marriage ceremony is held as per the Vedas. Rituals

Arya Samaj Marriage

Arya Samaj Marriage which was started by 'Dayanand Saraswati' in the year 1875 is governed by people known as 'Arya'.The marriage is based on the concept of Vedas, which is considered as the poetry of eternity in a meta language.

Unique feature of Arya Samaj Marriage

  • It is performed by Aryas, who are considered to be people, working for the betterment of society on the basis of truth. Any couple from Hindu religion (Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist) can get married according to Arya Samaj foundation.
  • It is based on the concept that the amount of money spent on marriages, can be used for other better purpose for the upliftment of the society, so in this type of marriage, there is no ceremony and pooja as they don't believe in idol worship.
  • The marriages held, are very simple in affair and the Vedas are translated into Hindi/English, so that everybody can understand it.
  • Couples,other than Hindu religion has to first get converted into Hinduism, by a process called (Shuddhi) meaning complete purification which is done by their consent and then, they can get married according to Arya Samaj Teachings.
  • Marriages get performed in just one hour, only you need is two garlands and sweets.In these weddings 'pooja' is not performed to any specific deity. Fire and the other elements are the only witnesses to the ceremony.
  • The wedding is conducted according to Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937.

Principles followed by Arya Samaj Foundation

  • God s the primary source of all knowledge.
  • He is formless, incompareable, omnipresent,eternal and immortal.
  • Vedas are the book of true knowledge and we should follow them.
  • One should respect and love others.

Three Principles followed by Aryas

  • God is the efficient cause of all Satya knowledge and all that is known through knowledge.
  • God is existent, intelligent and blissful. He is formless, all powerful, omniscient, just, merciful, unborn, endless, omnipresent, immanent, immortal, fearless, eternal, and holy.
  • The Vedas are the scriptures of all true knowledge. It is the paramount duty of all Aryas to read them, teach them, recite them and to hear them being read.

Documents required for marriage

  • Age certificate(Matriculation certificate Passport / Birth Certificate/ Driving License). Minimum age of both parties is 21 years for male and bride of 18 yrs.
  • Affidavit stating age , nationality and marital status
  • Four passport size photographs
  • Two witness from both party
  • Copy of divorce in case of divorcee and death certificate in case of death of widow/widower.
  • Two garlands, two kg of ghee and two kg sweets

Arya Samaj Marriage Rules

For and Arya Samaj wedding to be conducted, the following documents of the bride and groom and items mentioned will be required:

  • Documentary evidence of Date of Birth of both the parties.

The minimum age at the time of marriage should be 21 for male and 18 for female.

  • Affidavits, each from the bride and groom, stating their date of birth, marital status at the time of marriage and nationality.
  • The affidavit must provide affirmation that the bride and groom are not related to each-oeach othern the prohibited degree of relationship.
  • A copy of divorce decree/order in case a divorcee or death certificate of spouse in case a widow/widower.
  • Four passport size photos of each.
  • Two witnesses. Identity proofs of the witnesses is mandatory.
  • Two garlands, two kilogram sweets and half kilogram desi ghee.

How to contact for Arya Samaj Marriage

  • You can aslo write to Arya Samaj Mandir

Mr. Deepak Shashtr
Plot No. 5, Main Road, Near Sant Nagar Burari Authority,  Himgiri Enclave, Mukund Pur-||, Delhi - 110084. 
Mobile No.
+ 91-9310044466, 9310022266
Email :

  • You can also contact Arya Samaj Temple

Dr. Rishi pal Shastri 
G. Secretary 
C.AY.P.(Delhi Pradesh)
National Adviser 

Address: Aray Samaj Tample, Shankar Nagar,
Ravi Dass Street, Nabi Karim, Jhandewalan Road,
Pahar Ganj, New Delhi - 110055

Mobile : +91-11-9891148729

Telephone : +91-011-23516417

E-mail them at 


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