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Avalon Academy

This institute concentrates primarily on the travel and tourism sphere. A student graduating from here receives dual certification as this institute is affiliated with a university, and also issues its own certification. This system allows these certificates to hold weight all over the world.

The academy offers not just classroom education but practical aid as well, in the form of internships, personality grooming sessions and various innovative workshops. It provides placements to the exceptional students to help shape their careers right from the start.

The courses taught here include airport management, ground staff training, hospitality management and even an MBA in aviation
The aviation industry is a growing one and Avalon is the simplest way to be a part of it.
Avalon trains its students for any type of job they may encounter in their future careers. The courses here are always top notch as they pride themselves on being up to date with the growing developments of the sector and provide the most suitable course materials to their students.

The faculty too, is of the highest standards and are specially trained and tested in their respective areas of expertise, before they are allowed to teach.

The students are first given a complete training in all areas of their chosen field and are then allowed to choose their specialization. This helps them to be able to tackle any problem that may come their way. This is the smartest choice if one wants to be a part of the aviation sector.