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Aviva Life Insurance

'''Aviva Life Insurance'''

Aviva Life Insurance is private insurance company which was '''formed by the collaboration of UK's Aviva insurance group and''' India's one of oldest and top traditional health care product producer named '''Dabur group'''. The Products of Aviva were familiar with its support in providing the flexibility and transparency for the customers, and the value for the money.

Starting from 1696, Aviva Insurance Group stood famous as one of the leading life and pension products provider to both Europe and the other parts of the world. In 1834, Aviva Life Insurance was started. It was one of the largest foreign insurance groups with the compensation being paid by the Government of India. In 1995, it was the first foreign insurance company which started its representative office in India. Currently, about 26% of the Aviva Life Insurance shares are held by the Aviva group and about 74% of the shares are held by the Dabur group.

At present, the '''best features of the Aviva Life Insurance are''' as follows. There are about 40 branches in India which includes even the rural areas that supports the distribution network. It has succeeded with a best position in the Indian market with about 27000 financial planning advisers and programmes for financial health checks. Financial health check programme is a free service offered by the financial planning advisers that makes a analysis on the long term insurance requirements of the customers based on the life stage and the earnings of the customers. Thus helps the customer to select a proper insurance product.

A modern Unit linked and the unitized with profit money product is provided by this Aviva life insurance to their customers. Some of the different types of products available under this are insurance group are
 Lifelong,
 Lifesaver or Easy life plus,
 Young achiever,
 Life bond and life bond plus,
 Pension plus etc.