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Aviva Wealth Plus

Under the individual plans of Aviva Life Insurance come the savings plans of the company. The Aviva Wealth Plus is one of the savings plans of the company. The savings plan offer protection and security as well as savings for the future requirements related to finance and money. These plans have different features but in general the plans take care of the saving needs and the protection. These savings plans are specially designed for the important milestones of the life of the insured as well as the family of the insured.

The Aviva Wealth Plus policy is specially designed to secure the years after the retirement. Not only for the person who is retiring from the job but also for the spouse and the dependant of the retired person.

Retired life is a life of relaxation but along with that it also brings different worries and tensions about the financial matters. Thus with this plan of today one can secure the golden days of tomorrow.

The key features of Aviva Wealth Plus policy are as follows:

  • This plan gives loyalty additions up to 8% on maturity of the policy. This thus enhances the maturity benefit.
  • This policy has the provisions of a regular income if there is any case of critical illness of the life insured.
  • The Aviva Wealth Plus policy gives the options to select from the life cover along with the fund value as death benefit. Other than this it also gives the option between higher life cover and fund value as death benefit.
  • If there is any case of unfortunate death of the life insured then all the future premiums are being waived off. The future premiums will be invested as a lump sum amount in to the funds so that the policy continues. 75% immediately and 25% paid along with the maturity benefit under this policy.
  • The different riders available under this policy are Family Income Benefit Rider, Aviva Pay or plus Rider and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider.
  • The policy gives the customer the higher investment benefits because no premium allocation charges are deducted either from the regular or the top up premiums.

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