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Axis Bank Debit Card

The Axis Bank Debit Card is available to all account holders of Axis Bank. It comes to the account holder with the welcome package received by the customer.


1.It is used by the account holders at all Axis Bank ATM’s and all other ATM’s which have a tie up with Axis Bank.

2.The debit card is used by the customer for the purpose of withdrawal of money. The customer can check for the balance in the account.

3.The customer can also use it for the purpose of withdrawing a mini statement.

4.The Axis Bank debit card is very convenient to use at merchant establishments for the purpose of dining, shopping and also for the purpose of paying petrol bills or at multiplexes.

The Axis gold debit card is an international card accepted at

1. 28,000 visa ATM’s and

2. 3,50,000 point of sale terminals.

The gold debit card comes with a lovely reward program. On the usage of the card at different merchant outlet and on its usage the customer gets points which can get redeemed at any merchant outlet during purchase. The reward points can be redeemed for gift coupons from leading retailers, restaurants, leather products etc. Redemption start once the point reaches 200.

A zero surcharge is added to the gold debit card if used for refueling purposes.

The Axis Bank gold debit card has special insurance features not available on other debit cards. The debit card has a personal accident feature up to Rs. 5 lakh and purchase protection coverage up to Rs. 1.75 lakh.