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Ayurveda & Diabetes

According to ayurveda, diabetes is a metabolic Kapha type of disorder that disrupts the proper functioning of Agni. As a result of this the disease of high blood sugar takes place in a human body. This disease is a slow and silent killer and many people on this planet are suffering from this disease.

Ayurvedic Concept of Diabetes Mellitus

According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in one of the three doshas is the reason behind the cause of this disease. Every people on the planet are born with three main doshas and any imbalance in it is the main reason for the cause of diseases. Proper balance in the doshas is a must for the normal functioning of the human body.

To many people diabetes can be cured with the help of medicines or by following strict routine diet. But ayurveda’s approach regarding the treatment of this disease is completely different. They believe that the treatment of this disease is based on complete change in the lifestyle of an individual. People suffering from this disease are advised to do medication as well since it offers peace and relaxation to the mind.

Diabetes Mellitus is a very complicated disease and is capable of affecting various organs of the human body like eye, kidney and heart. Sometimes it often leads to paralysis as well. The conventional treatment of diabetes is to reduce the level of blood sugar. But in ayurveda, diabetes mellitus every possible complications of this disease are taken into account. Here in such a case, the entire human body is taken into consideration and then it is treated accordingly.

How is Diabetes Mellitus Caused?

The pancreas gland has a unique type of cell that is known as beta cells and these cells secrets a hormone named insulin. The primary function of insulin is to use the carbohydrates in the human body in a proper way. Due to some metabolic disorder the normal functioning of this hormone is effected then it is no longer able to use the carbohydrates properly. As a result of this the carbohydrates gets converted into glucose and gets accumulated in the bloodstream. Then the glucose in the blood gets collected in the urine, which is the main symptom of this disease.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes

With the help of multiprong approach, ayurvedic practitioners proceed forward with the treatment of this killer disease. The basic treatments of this disease are as follows:

  • Diabetic patients are first advised to make certain modification in their diet. Here they are told to stay away from the foodstuffs that are rich in carbohydrate.
  • Protein rich diet can have adverse effect on the kidneys and for this reason patients are also advised to not to take heavy protein diet.
  • Like protein, diabetic patients are also advised to avoid fat rich diet mainly because of the deficiency of the pancreatic enzymes.


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