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Ayurvedic Exercises

==Ayurvedic Exercises==

* '''Osteoporosis''', '''diabetes''' and '''arthritis''' are all either due to '''bacteria''', '''virus or fungus'''.

* But '''Ayurveda''' pleads that the diseases of the body and mind are due to imbalance of '''doshas''', '''dhatus (tissues)''' and also the '''digestive fire'''.

* For healthy living, to avoid disease, one has to keep the above in a balanced state.

* '''Ayurveda''' promotes the resistance of the patient through its balanced food and living.

* The main aim of '''Ayurveda''' is to make people to live healthy and happily with a state of perfect health.

* The ultimate aim of this book is to make a man improve his health by 5-10 percent in order to attain the real goal of perfect health.

* In this Endeavour an earnest effort is made to make the reader to obtain maximum benefits to attain the final goal of perfect health.

===List of Ayurvedic Exercises===

* The following are the important '''yogasana postures''':
* Padmasana
* [[Bhujangasana-Sarvasana-Mayurasana-Ayurveda|Bhujangasana]]
* [[Bhujangasana-Sarvasana-Mayurasana-Ayurveda|Sarvasana]]
* [[Bhujangasana-Sarvasana-Mayurasana-Ayurveda|Mayurasana]]
* [[Suptavajrasana-Chakrasana-Dhanurasana-Ayurveda|Suptavajrasana]]
* [[Suptavajrasana-Chakrasana-Dhanurasana-Ayurveda|Chakrasana]]
* [[Suptavajrasana-Chakrasana-Dhanurasana-Ayurveda|Dhamurasana]]
* [[Bhadrasana-Sirasasana-Paschimottasana-Ayurveda|Sirasasana]]
* [[Bhadrasana-Sirasasana-Paschimottasana-Ayurveda|Paschimottanasana]]
* Pavanamuktasana
* [[Bhadrasana-Sirasasana-Paschimottasana-Ayurveda|Bhadrasana]]
* Gomukasana
* [[Sarvangasana-Siddasana-Kukktasana-Ayurvedic-Exercises|Sarvangasana]]
* [[Sarvangasana-Siddasana-Kukktasana-Ayurvedic-Exercises|Siddasana]]
* Simhasana
* Asanas (yogic postures)
* Padmasana

* '''Meditation''' is done in this posture. The body and mind will be in peace and in balance.

* The fat in the thighs will become less.

'''Posture''': The right knee is folded and the right foot is kept on the left thigh. The two feet and forelegs must be upside and both the legs will be on the sex organs.

'''Time''': 1 minute.