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Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Exhaustion due to Overwork and Rheumatism

Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Exhaustion due to Overwork and Rheumatism

Exhaustion Due to Overwork

  • Boil ¼ teaspoon powdered cardamom (chhoti illaichi) seeds in thin tea water and drink.


  • Take 250 gms of turmeric powder, 50 gms; Kuchala powder, 50gms; pigeon dung, 100 gms; castor oil and 250 gms. Til oil. Mix both the oils, add turmeric, Kuchala and pigeons dung and boil.
  • When the solid contents turn black, coot and strain the oil mixture. Add to it a cup of kerosene oil. Repeatedly massage this oil on your joints.
  • Always massage the adjoining areas before massaging the swollen part. Like if you have to massage your knees, first massage the upper thigh and thigh joint before massaging the knees.
  • This way the raw phlegm will be dissolved and not shifted to other portion. Try not to have constipation when you take this massage course.


  • Heat the leaves of the plant swallow wort (Aak in Hindi) and tie them over the affected joints.
  • Grind the guava leaves to a paste form and apply on the affected joint.
  • Take about 750 Gms of the root of Arand plant and boil it in 6kgs of water.
  • When it is reduced to ¼th of its normal quantity, then add castor oil to it and boil again till whole of the water in the mixture evaporates leaving only the oily substance.
  • Strain this oil through a fine muslin cloth and keep it preserved, in a glass bottle. Massage your limbs with this oil at least 15mts before you go to have your bath, then tie cotton wads after the massage over the affected joints.
  • Take ‘Binaules’, cut, grind and sieve them and boil in water, when only thick paste remains. Dry it and then tie it over your affected joints.