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BSNL 3G speed

BSNL 3G is now available in many parts of India.You can enjoy high-speed Internet, Video calling and novelties like mobile TV if you have a 3G mobile phone and a BSNL/MTNL connection as presently only these companies offer 3G services.Of course, you should be ready to pay a premium for these services.

BSNL 3G data card

The device costs Rs. 2000 and the data plan is Rs. 700/month (6 months advance payment required)and you could get download speeds up-to 200kbps (FTP download).

  • The software load time is more than what you'd expect. It takes device about 30 seconds from being recognized to being ready for connection.
  • The service is not available in all parts of the country. Yes, it's available in bigger cities but it'll take some time for the service to be fully available in all tire II and III cities.
  • The signal frequently fluctuates between 2-5 bars, depending upon your location. However, I noticed that it keeps on changing at intervals even when you're not moving.
  • The services disconnects at random. Well, I'd not say it's bad, but it gets disconnected once in every 5 sessions.
  • The services goes 'idle' many times, but recovers within seconds. This is really frustrating when it comes to browsing. You type the URL and wait for few seconds...then the signal comes in and the page loads in a jiffy.
  • The browsing speed is around 300kbps - more than required.
  • YouTube videos stream like dream
  • Upload speeds are better than broadband. I got about 70 kbps upload speed

BSNL 3G Speed Test Results

Unlike CDMA, the data connectivity and speed in BSNL 3G remains very inconsistent and the download speed initially will be very low, around 20-30 Kbps that gradually increased to 300-400 Kbps and a maximum of approximately 1450 Kbps where-as the upload speed hovered at a max of 100 Kbps.

Though the service is very inconsistent, personally, its not a bad deal as the 3G tariff plans are very reasonable starting from around 275 rupee for 0.5 GB of free usage beyond which customers will be charged Rs. 1/- per MB.

For more details on BSNL 3G tariff plans go to Tariff plans