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BSNL Bill Enquiry

BSNL is one of the largest telecom providers of India and it has introduced many easy and simple steps for BSNL Bill enquiry. Let us now know the various methods which can be taken up to do this task.

Different methods for BSNL Bill Enquiry[edit]

  • BSNL Bill Enquiry via online
  • BSNL Bill Enquiry via phone
  • BSNL Bill Enquiry via SMS

Online BSNL Bill Enquiry[edit]

  • Log on to and now your next step is to select your state and area name.
  • After selecting above two fields you will be redirected to enter your username and password.
  • Suppose you have not opened your account to check bill online you can click on the new user link and open your new account.
  • After successful login you can click on a BILL enquiry link to check out the particular service bill.
  • Suppose you are checking your landline/mobile/internet bill enter the respective phone number or the device number and get your bill displayed within few seconds.

BSNL Bill Enquiry via phone[edit]

  • BSNL Bill enquiry via phone is another simplest method which can be taken up.
  • One can call to 1800 424 1600 a toll free number to have a check on BSNL broadband bill.
  • If you belong to state Karnataka then call on 1500 and make BSNL Bill enquiry.
  • You can also call on 1957 and select the appropriate option to make a bill enquiry.
  • Suppose you have any queries regarding bill enquiry you can also call to 1800 180 1503.
  • BSNL has brought a 24/7 phone service for any BSNL bill enquiries.

BSNL Bill enquiry via SMS[edit]

  • Now one can make a bill enquiry just by sending a simple SMS to BSNL portal.
  • You can get your phone bills to your mobile, all one has to do is make a simple registration and get your BSNL bills via SMS.
  • SMS Format for registration is reg STDcodelandlinenumber account number and send it to 09404001111
  • Now after this registration you can get your phone or internet bill via SMS on your mobile every month.
  • You can also easily deactivate this particular service by sending a simple SMS in the below format.
  • SMS can STDlandline account number and send it to the above specified number.


the landline bills are quite late ,especially when we have to submit the bills for payment to the departments.The best possible dates for online bills are the first week of every month.This would enable us to prepare the bills for onward submission.

please sent email message for my telephone bill. My telephone number is 22760198. Every month first week if you could sent the bill it will be easy for us to pay the bill as early as possible.

please send sept2011tosept2012 (13months)bill

Dear Sir/Madam, i am not good getting bills monthly on my e-mail id, and my phone no. is 0832-2459066. Please send me the current bill of Dec. 2013 in advance thank you.

Pls sent my bill of the month Aug 2014 as on my email my pH no is 02462- 244122 & 02462 - 233122 as on name junta sahakari bank thane ph

Pls sent my bill of the month Aug 2014 as on my email my pH no is 02462- 244122 & 02462 - 233122 as on name junta sahakari bank thane ph

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