BSNL Landline Bill Enquiry

Earlier BSNL did not have any facilities which could give you the information about your BSNL bills. Today BSNL gives information on your bills before your bills have reached your doorsteps. The bill enquiry can be achieved via online or via phone. This article helps you make BSNL landline bill enquiry via different mediums.

BSNL landline bill enquiry via online

  • The BSNL landline enquiry can be done via online by logging on to the BSNL website
  • Click on the My Account tab, a new page is opened
  • Sign In using your Username and Password
  • Now if you would like to make BSNL landline bill enquiry click on the landline option.
  • In order to fetch the information you should be having the login credentials, suppose you do not have any login credentials then you can create a new BSNL User Account Creation 
  • The login credentials are normally generated by BSNL representative at the time of your new connection which maintains all the information about your billing activity.

Fetching landline bill details without login information: 

  • If you don't have login credentials, then access the link BSNL landline portal services
  • Provide the landline number along with STD code
  • Provide communication details like Email Id or Mobile No. to receive Payment Details
  • Once you press submit the bill details will be sent to your email id or mobile number
  • Suppose you do not have the login credentials you can fetch the information from BSNl customer care representative for BSNL landline bill enquiry

BSNL landline Bill enquiry via phone

  • BSNL landline bill enquiry can be easily done via phone.
  • All you need to do is dial the appropriate number for bill enquiry via phone.
  • You can dial 1500 and get more information about BSNL landline bills.
  • But one can fetch the information only you have certain mandatory information with you.
  • For example, you need to know your landline phone number and the personal details of the connection holder to know the bill.
  • Suppose you cannot memorize the number you can even mention the last bill number or customer ID in order to make BSNL landline bill enquiry. 
  • You can call BSNL customer care toll free number 1800-345-1500 for BSNL landline bill related concerns.
  • For more information on different helpline numbers, you can visit BSNL Helpdesk

BSNL landline Bill enquiry in person 

  • In order to make BSNL landline bill enquiry in person, all you need to do is simply visit the nearby BSNL office.
  • Approach the concerned department and then specify the landline number.
  • Suppose you are unable to specify the phone number you can also make use of your customer ID given at the time of registration of the landline connection.
  • To know the different branches of BSNL office, you can search the internet with keyword "BSNL offices near you"

BSNL landline Bill enquiry through SMS

  • BSNL offers SMS service for customers having landline connection with BSNL
  • Send an SMS with syntax BILL<space><Tel No><space><Billing A/C No> (eg- BILL 020-27173859 1010203045)
  • For BSNL mobiles, send the BSNL bill enquiry SMS to 53334 or 9478053334
  • For other mobile services, send the BSNL landline bill enquiry SMS to 9478053334


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Dear Sir, I want detail statement of my monthly bill from dated 01.03.11 to 01.04.11 the details are as:- Custner account No. 1012484795 Invoice No. 10125059080016 Telephone No. 0515 2822400

I Want bill detailed from 1.6.2011 to 30.6.2011. My landline no-0120-2862952 unique no-UPWGZB20010182352

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Dear Sir, I want detail statement of my monthly bill from dated 01.05.11 to 01.07.11 the details are as:05122320052 and monthly bill send by email

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I want my land line bill details during 1.8.2011-30.9.2011 my telephone number 2401566

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Dear Sir, I want detail statement of my monthly bill from dated 01.03.11 to 01.04.11 the details are as:- Custner account No. 1000179549 Invoice No. 10001795490027Telephone No. 0135 2530477

I want bill detailed from 01.10.2011 to 30.11.2011 my landline No.01596-244789

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R/Sir Plz let me Know the telephone bill datail,as we never use to get bill on time.The telephone is aginst my mother Name. Radha Devi,sarai,Dist vaishali,Bihar. And at the same time in every month we have problem in Connection as wire is to old nd so many place cuts and joints so that we had problem in it so plz let the problem solved. regards Rahil Ranjan Call @ 07876075139

Telephone 06224 257398

I want detail statement present bill My Landline number 040-23565536

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I am not getting bills.send me bill on my mail id.Phone 020-25862313

My phone no. is 020-25862313.Iam not getting bill. send me duplicate bill on my email id.

I got bsnl bill through post. My customer ID is 300571568 and Account no is 8005723489, bill no is 95454022-01/10/2012. Bill period 01/10/2012 to 19/10/2012 BUT Phone no is not show in the Bill. I am handling many bills plz tell me the Phone no of my phone with the mentioned details as early as possible. Thanx..

Bill copy of above number

please send the me telephone bill this email id urgent.

please provide me land line no of STATE BANK OF INDIA GUJARAT HIGHCOURT BRANCH

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sir i am getting my landline bsnl bill regularly my no 07721-261316 name shriniwas mahajan lacated at baikunth in raipur dist pl send the bill regularly in my mail address to get payment in time . thanks

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i want old bill status in Bsnl landline how producture

sir, my phone no is 0422-2575621, and my acc no. is 9026190086, pls send me the details of my bill period from april 2011 - march 2012

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This is a Govt.of Gujrat's undertaking office having land line no. 02640-232041 and Account no. 1013946384. We are not getting the bill so that facing problem in bill payment and we are going to use Internet connection shortly. It is therefore requested you to please send our land line bill on given Mail ID. Thanks for your co-operation.

I was disconnected my landline. If my any bill is due then plz send whole information in my id. My landline no.0651-2550014. ranchi jharkhand.


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