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BSNL Mumbai

BSNL is not only a telecom provider of India but has also been venturing into various sectors of technologies like broadband service, mobile internet service, GPRS facilities, web services, web hosting services etc. This article speaks about various value added services of BSNL Mumbai and the recent launches of BSNL Mumbai and much more.

BSNL Mumbai recently launched Sanchar Card for its Mumbaikars[edit]

  • The very recent launch of BSNL Mumbai branch is Sanchar card which has been released only in few cities of India including Mumbai.
  • Sanchar card of BSNL is basically a prepaid internet provision with an access card which has got following benefits.
  • one can access internet with self registered username using BSNL Mumbai sanchar card.
  • One can easily renew the Sancharnet account any time.
  • The number of packages offered for sancharnet card is wide.
  • You can visit for more information on this.

BSNL Mumbai SM or BULK SM services[edit]

  • BSNL has launched a bulk SMS service pack for BSNL Mumbai customers exclusively.
  • This offer provides the sancharnet email account and lets a customer to send SMS via this sancharnet account.
  • One would not require a mobile number to send SMS using Sancharnet service.
  • You can visit for more information on this offer of BSNL Mumbai.

BSNL Mumbai webhosting services offered for the residents of Mumbai[edit]

  • BSNL has launched a recent web host facility for BSNL Mumbai customers.
  • The intention of this service is to let a Mumbai customer launch a website using BSNL web server.
  • The webpage provision provided here is dynamic and efficient.
  • For more information on Web hosting service of BSNL Mumbai you can visit

BSNL Mumbai tender notices[edit]

  • BSNL Mumbai publishes the list of recently released tender on a periodic basis.
  • You can visit for tender notices of BSNl Mumbai and the vendor details.
  • A vendor can also register on this site to get recent notifications on BSNL Mumbai tender notices and more.

BSNL Mumbai customer care support[edit]

  • The BSNL Mumbai main branch address is Service Support Centre Telecom Factory , Deonar , Mumbai-400 088 Tel.: (022) 25563031-45 Fax: (022) 25563878
  • You can visit Cellone customer care to get the toll free phone numbers of BSNL Mumbai.
  • The above link will also help you to fetch the information on the nearest branches of BSNL Mumbai.

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