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Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na

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Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na is a Hindi TV serial that airs on <a href="/node/64466">Sony TV</a>, which enhances the basic idea of how a daughter fulfills her responsibilities towards her parents end once she gets married.

The basic idea of the story is “does a daughter’s responsibility towards her parents end once she is married? Is she wrong in wanting to support her parents while she is looking after her in laws and is it right on her part to expect her husband to be as responsible to her parents as she is to his”? It is the story of Aastha who is caught in this balancing act between her responsibilities towards her husband’s family and her responsibilities towards her own family.

This is the main concept of the Drama  “Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na”.

Last Episode

Payal meets Swayam. Swayam tells her he knows her asliyat, and tells her that whatever happens, he will not let her destroy his family. Payal stabs Swayam and tells him she will not let him stand in the way of her revenge for their child who is now terminally ill. Astha who has escaped from the hideout is shocked to see all this, and is about to call out to Swayam , but is captured by Om again. Swayam dies.FREEZE.

August 13, 2008

Swayam is shocked, he starts feeling guilty and tries to kill himself. Shubh has to tell him that the woman who married him is none other then Payal who has taken Astha’s place in Ranawat house. The real Astha has been kidnapped by Payal! Swayam is shocked. He calls Payal to meet him . Payal makes a call to Om, and tells him she thinks Swayam may have murdered Shubh and may attack her, so to meet her at Panvel ghat. But this is heard by Astha as she takes the call while Om is sleeping and has managed to break free from the bonds. She is shocked!Freeze

==Timings:== Program will telecast on Mon - Thu, 9:30 pm only on Sony TV

==Created by :== Chota Ganpati Telecreations

==Directed by :== Ratna Sinha

==Opening theme :== "Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na" by Alka Yagnik

Cast & Crew

Purnendu Joshi (Vijay Kashyap)
Rukmini Joshi(Rameshwari)
Vinay Joshi (Mehul Kajaria)
Aastha Joshi ,(Aastha Faujdar)
Shilpa Joshi(Iti Shree)
Chhaya Joshi(Sana Saeed)
Vanraj Ranawat(Raja Bundela)
Sulochana Ranawat(Navni Parihar)
Pratham Ranawat(Sumit Arora)
Aditi Ranawat (Farhana Parveen)
Saksham Ranawat (Faizaan Kidwai)
Anoushka Ranawat (Vaishali Nagrath/Nazreth))
Shubh Ranawat(Siddharth)
Deepa Mehra(Shalini Khanna)
Mahen Mehra(Nishant Shoukeen)
Maya Sahani(Aarti Dave)