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Bajaj Auto Customer Care

Submitted by Ekikrat on Tue, 02/01/2011 - 04:07

Bajaj is one of the most prominent names in Indian automotive industry and they have numerous service station and customer care centers throughout the country.

The following information will help you to quickly get in touch with the customer care division of Bajaj Auto.

'''One can contact Bajaj customer care service using one of the following methods:'''
*Physically visiting the nearest Bajaj Dealer/ Service Station.
==Getting Customer Care via Internet==
*There are links available to provide information about various services offered including sales & service, exports, spare parts, product information, finance, materials and shares for shareholders, service station locator etc.
*If the information you are seeking is not available on the site, select your area of interest on and leave a comment.
*You can send a mail as well to Bajaj Customer Care division at
==The different services offered through Bajaj Auto online help==
*Logging on to to setup a service appointment online (This service is currently available only for Bengaluru).
*Online troubleshooting, booking a vehicle, submitting a service request form for service or spares at
==Contacting Bajaj Customer Care via phone==
You can dial 24*7 toll-free 1800 233 2453 to contact Bajaj Auto customer service division
==Visiting nearest Bajaj Service station or Dealer==
You can visit the closest Bajaj Service Centre or Bajaj auto dealer resolve any mechanical problem or booking a new vehicle.
==How to find the address of the Bajaj Dealer nearest to you==
Go to and select the Dealer Type, State and City. Click Go. A list of Bajaj dealers in your locality will be displayed.
==How to locate nearest Bajaj service center==
Visit and select the State and City. Click Go. A list of Bajaj Service Stations in your locality will be displayed.
==Physical address of Bajaj Auto Head office==
One can contact customer care division of the following Bajaj Auto Head Office in person or via phone:
Bajaj Auto Ltd.
Akurdi, Pune 411035
Phone: (020) 27472851, 27476151