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Balamangalam Magazine

Balamangalam is an entertaining magazine for children published every fortnight in Malayalam and Kannada, which they can learn and enjoy at the same time. This magazine contains stories, cartoons, and interesting comic characters, and the magazine aims at providing children with moral values and educating them with values and ethics through humor and hobbies.

Balamangalam is published by the Mangalam group. The comic has the prestige of being the mostly read and the most popular children magazine in this part of the county i.e. Kerala.

The Mangalam group was started in the year 1969, and through constant effort of the business house, the magazines and the periodicals of the Managalam group are the most read in Kerala with a complete readership of over 16 lakhs.


The Balamangalam comic features different kinds of stories, cartoons and comics, which are really interesting and aims at educating the children towards their moral values and for their mental upliftment. The magazine aims at teaching children by emphasizing on teaching them through their hobbies and interest, and it is really a great attempt to look at the world through the eyes of children and to educate the children to make world a better place, by teaching them good manners, high values, and customs and traditions of the nation, so that they develop into responsible citizens later in their life. The magazine is also published in Kannada and has complete circulation all over Karnataka. The Malayalam version has readership all over Kerala and some parts of Tamil Nadu.

Another magazine derived from Balamangalam is the Balamangalam chitrakatha that is a monthly magazine which serves the same purpose as the Balamangalam comic; however, it is more of entertainment and fun and children of all age groups enjoy it and cherish it even after growing up. This is the reason why it has grown up into one of the most circulated and highly popular child magazine of Kerala and Karnataka.

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