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Balamurali Ambati

Balamurali Ambati, the son of Dr.Rao, became the youngest person in the world to become a doctor at the age of 17. His father persisted and succeeded in getting permission to study at twice as fast as others. His mother is a mathematician and Tamil linguist.

He is a faculty at the Medical College of Georgia practicing clinical ophthalmology and conducting research in areas such as corneal angiogenesis and outcomes of corneal and refractive surgery.A volunteer with the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital, he travels to under-privileged countries to teach and practice ophthalmic surgery. He is known for Cornea Refractive surgery.

Ambati had to delay his entry into ophthalmology program for 2 years due to allegation of dowry demands by his sister-in-law’s family when he and his family were detained for more than 3 months. He and his family were later acquitted by the court in 1999.

Education & Career of Balamurali Ambati

Ambati completed his B.A., Biology (1991) from New York University when only 13 years of age, Doctor of Medicine (1995) from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Internal Medicine Residency (1997) from Beth Israel and Medical School and Ophthalmology Residency (2001) from Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary. He finished an ophthalmology residency at Harvard University, where he developed strategies to reverse corneal angiogenesis.

Ambati’s performs laser vision correction or refractive surgery, LASIK, cornea transplants, cataract extraction, besides other procedures of the anterior segment of the eye. He also carries out research on molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels in the cornea, and molecular pathways of the angiogenic cascade in the cornea.

Important Works by Balamurali Ambati

Ambati has authored a number of papers along with others such as Angiostatin inhibits and regresses corneal neovascularization (2002); Sustained inhibition of corneal neovascularization by genetic ablation of CCR5 (2002); Inhibition of corneal neovascularization by genetic ablation of CCR2 (2002); Preventing LASIK Buttonholes(2002); Age-related eye disease study caveats (2002); Mechanisms of age-related macular degeneration (2002); Nonglaucomatous cupping of the optic disc (2001); Periorbital and orbital cellulitis after the advent of Haemophilus influenzae vaccination (2000) and Use of Topical Ketorolac Tromethamine in Viral Conjunctivitis(2000). He has co-authored a number of books including The Residents’ Manual of Medicine(2001); Pediatric Intraocular Lenses. In: Intraocular Lenses (2001); Basic Optics for the LASIK surgeon (2001); and AIDS: The True Story – A Comprehensive Guide (a089 along with his brother J. Ambati).

Awards and Achievements for Balamurali Ambati

Balamurali Ambati won a fellowship for Cornea & Refractive Surgery (2002) from Duke University. He is also the recipient of the Westinghouse Science Talent Search and the International Science & Engineering Fair. A National Merit Scholar, he received the Raja-Lakshmi Award (1995).