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Bangalore Auto Rickshaw

Bangalore with population of 8 million (80 Lakh) has over 80,000 autos running in the city. With such huge number, the roads are crowded with these auto rickshaws.

Almost half of the autos have digital meter though there are still many using mechanical meters.

Bangalore Auto Rate and Fares

The meter starts from Rs 17 and for each Kilometer, it goes up by Rs 9. The prices were hiked in August, 2010 from Rs 7 per KM to Rs 9 per KM.

Complaints about Bangalore autos rickshaw

Bangalore auto walas are renowned for overcharging specially from people who are new to the city and are not aware of the pricing. Many of the meters are broken even though it is illegal to do it. If you are new to bangalore, never negotiate the price with the auto and only go by meter, if the autowala refuse to do it, move on to other auto, there are plenty of auto walas on the road.


ka 05 aa 3422 - i wolud like to know details of this auto.. he has misbehaved with my fiance..

Dear Sir, I visited my Friends in Bengaluru and Tamil Nadu last year in April.They live a poor material life. I wanted to buy to them an auto-rickshaw,to get them a job at least, but my money were not enough, and I had to leave India, and I returned home to my family. I did not gave up my plan to bless them with a brand new or a used but great condition auto-rickshaw. Can you please help me with some information, how much can cost, and do you know any honest person who might sell a rickshaw for a real reasonable price? I hope God, will help me to put together those money in one day. I would like to prepare for it. Thank you very much.