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Bull Temple in Benagaluru

==Bull Temple in Benagaluru==

Even '''Bangalore''' has its share of ancient temples. One such temple is '''Sri Basavanna Gudi temple or Bull temple''', located in '''Basavanagudi'''. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s favourite vehicle the '''Nandi''' and is located in the '''Bugle Rock park.''' The object of worship here in the temple is the''' Nandi''', which refers to the Pantheistic nature of Hinduism.

This is the biggest and most exclusive temple for '''Nandi''' in the world. This temple was build in 1586, by the founder of '''Bengaluru,''' '''Kempe Gowda'''. The 5.10 metres long Nandi was carved from a single rock granite. It was originally only 4.57 metres but grew out to 5 metres. In order to prevent the Nandi from growing further, the temple authorities have placed iron barricades surrounding the Nandi which represents Lord Shiva’s trident.

It is said that some light falls on the Nandi’s head on '''Makara Sankranti''' day (mid-january) from the near by '''Gavi Gangadhareshwara''' (cave) temple. The story states that in the ancient times groundnut was grown in this area. And the farmers found that their fields were plundered after every full moon night. They doubted that it could be the work of thieves and hence on the next full moon day they all waited in the fields, armed.

But it was their horror when they realized that it was instead a huge bull golden in colour and eyes shining like gems. They were scared and fled from the scene. When they came back at dawn, they found the bull missing. Later they discovered a huge Nandi atop a nearby hillock, which very much resembled the bull they had attacked. They were repentant and sought the forgiveness of Nandi.

When this issue was bought to '''Kempe Gowda''', he ordered a shrine to be built around the Nandi. Till date the Thanksgiving offerings continue here for the Nandi. A groundnut fair called '''kadalekai parishe''' is held every year on the last Monday and tuessday of the karthika month (Nov-Dec), to thank the deity for the season of good crop. During this time the devotees smear butter on the Nandi.