Best Schools in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad being one of the biggest cities of India has some of the best Public and Private Schools of India, Here is the list best Schools of Ahmedabad

1. Army School Ahmedabad - The Army school provides education to the children of defense personnel posted in Ahmedabad Cantt. It is affiliated to CBSE and provides education till secondary level. It has well established labs, library and playgrounds and is open for admission for the children of ex-servicemen as well as civilians living in the city.

2. Ahmedabad International School - This school is one of the best schools of Ahmedabad. This school is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate of Geneva curriculum for study. It is a private school with non-profit educational foundation that is recognized by the Council of Europe and has a consultative status with UNESCO. It provides education with its Primary years program, Middle years program and its final two years secondary program.

3. Don Bosco English School - This school is a co-educational day school and provides education with affiliation with the Gujarat Board of Education. It was founded in 1974 and is an English medium school having very good library and sports facilities. Students are encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities like educational camps and picnics. As the name suggests, it provides education till the higher secondary level.

4. Mount Carmel High School - It is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of the city of Ahmedabad. It is a girls school and is run by nuns who are known as Apostolic Carmelites. This school provides education in the fields of Arts and Commerce till the higher secondary level. Being one of the best schools in Ahmedabad, it is much sought after and is well known for its domination in sports and academics.

5. Zydus School for Excellence - The school is supported by one of India's leading healthcare groups - The Zydus Cadila. It is affiliated with the ICSE curriculum and provides a supportive environment for students for learning. The school provides an education for the overall development of the students and is well equipped with audio-visual rooms, state of art science and computer labs, libraries and special activity rooms. Attention is also given on physical education and outdoor education like nature treks, camps, activities, etc.

6. Delhi Public School - DPS, as it is popularly known, is among the best schools of Ahmedabad. It is a co-educational school and is affiliated to CBSE curriculum. It is a part of India's leading chains of schools and follows the National open system. It provides education on pre-primary, primary, secondary, and senior secondary level. There are a variety of extracurricular activities to take part in and experience. They include: karate, skating, aerobics, music, gymnastics, yoga, art and craft, and even cookery. Career counseling is also available for senior secondary level.


> Best Schools in Ahmedabad
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I would like to get a list of

I would like to get a list of Schools - English Medium, Gujarat State, Science Stream in Ahmedabad with Standard XI and XII.

Would be grateful if I would get the aforesaid details in Excel format.

With Regards,

I want to mention A-one

I want to mention A-one school. A-one school is fantastic school as well. I have good experience with it. The environment, teaching staff , location, class facilities and amenities are really good points make A-one school a best option.

I want to cbse school in

I want to cbse school in ahmedabad near bapunagar with completely 12th.
So please give me suggestion first.
My contact no.- 9904248248

i want cbse school in

i want cbse school in ahmedabad for complete 12

This site has been very

This site has been very informative for me. Thank you very much for your services. god bless.

cbse and christian nursery

cbse and christian nursery school



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