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Bhadrapadaa Ambaji fair

Bhadrapadaa Ambaji fair is also one of the most important fair in the Hindu religion. It is organized every rear between the months of August to September. It is held in the village of Ambaji in the state of Gujarat near the temple of goddess Ambaji. This temple of the goddess Ambaji is considered by the people as one of the most ancient and sacred temple in India.

The Bhadrapadaa Ambaji fair is very important to the farmers as it symbolizes the end of the monsoon season and commencement of autumn season. Several farmers come over from different parts of the country to participate in this fair. The farmers together with their friends and neighbors and celebrate this fair by singing folk songs and performing their traditional folk dances. They mostly wear their traditional attire. The farmers gather together during this festive season to offer their thanks giving prayers to their God for their prosperity. They also pray for better crops in the following year.

Besides, the farmers several other devotees of the goddess Ambaji from different parts of India also comes to the village of Ambaji to witness this magnificent event. They come to take a dip in the waters of the holy rivers.

Bhadrapadaa Ambaji fair is accompanied by beautiful lightening and flowers. The whole village of Ambaji is also very beautifully decorated. Several stalls selling various products are being setup.

This year also the Bhadrapadaa Ambaji fair was celebrated on the 4th September. The people celebrated this fair with a high spirit and enthusiasm.

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