Bhadrasana, Sirasasana and Paschimottasana in Ayurveda

Bhadrasana, Sirasasana and Paschimottasana in Ayurveda[edit]


Posture: Sit after bending the knees and bend the feet backwards. With two fingers, catch hold of your foot. Your chest, spinal column and head must be in straight line. Inspire and expire for 1 minute.

Time: 1-2 minutes Uses: it activates thighs, bladder and sexual organs.


Posture: One must sit on a bed with the knees bent. Then you must fix your both fingers tied together and keep forearm on the ground in a triangular way and keep your head on it.

  • Then, keep your toes on the earth and raise the knee and waist in 90 degrees for about a minute. Then bring your legs to the ground and come to original state of samasthiti.

Time: 1-2 minutes


1. Increases blood flow to Brain 2. Stimulates pituitary and thyroid glands 3. Orchitis will be relieved. 4. Increases concentration of mind.

Caution: Contraindicated in 1. High blood pressure; 2. Eye diseases.


Posture: Straighten the legs and the back and spinal column and sit down. Then raise the arms above so that the arms touch the ears and make arms facing frontside.

  • Take deep inspiration after drawing the upper part of the waist. Then expire slowly, bend the spinal column and make the upper part of body and arms parallel to floor, catch the big toe with index finger.
  • Bend your back and keep your face in between your knee and your elbows must touch the floor and loosen the muscles of abdomen.
  • Take respite for 2-3 minutes then take inspiration and raise up and come to normal state.

Time: 1-2 minutes


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