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'''Bhashaposhini '''is a monthly magazine published by the Malayala Manorama group in Malayalam Language. The magazine contains reviews regarding the current publications of a literary value and also provides a pathway to educate people about what to read and what not to read for their overall educational development.

The publication of the magazine started in the year 1892 but was eventually stopped, however the magazine was restarted in year 1977 and from then onwards the magazine grew to become one of the leading Malayalam review magazines till date. The magazine has the prestige of being the oldest Malayalam review magazine and it stands to its fame. The magazine has always provided its readers with good articles written by some of the famous personalities from various fields.

Bhasaposhini is published by the Malayala Manorama group which was India’s first joint stock company in the area of publishing and was established by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai at Kottayam in the year 1888. Bhasaposhini was the second publication of the group after the main periodical Malayala Manaroma, but its popularity grew more than Malayala Manaroma and all was due to the great efforts from its writers, editorial boards and sub-editorial boards.

Such is the prestige of the magazine that the main article contributors are veterans like Kerala Varma Valiyakoyi Thampuran, Muloor S.Padmanabha Panicker, Kattakkayathil Cheriyan Mappilai and Moorkoth Kumaran, who are famous all over India for their political and literary review. The magazine has a circulation of 13,067 copies for every edition of the month, and is more than any other Malayalam regional literary review magazine.

Bhashaposhini has achieved a lot in its 32 years regime and will continue to achieve more in future. The editors of this magazine have a great role to play as their endeavor has made this magazine one of the finest review magazines published in Malayalam.