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Bhel puri

Bhel Puri is a very spicy snack prepared with puffed rice, potatoes and tamarind chutney. This fast food has been originated from Gujarat and later came to Mumbai. It is now available in Juhu beach of Mumbai and sold by the road side vendors. Bhel puri is also sold through out India by different names like jhal muri in Kolkata and churu muri in Bangalore. The recipe of bhel puri has many variations. It is highly nutritious having low fat content. Bhel puri recipe can be prepared very quickly within 10 minutes. Bhel puri is eaten as soon as it is prepared to prevent wetness in puffed rice. The ingredients if stored and refrigerated properly can be prepared fast to meet the immediate hunger. The ingredients are easily available in super markets. The house wives and mothers are wise enough to present this ready made food to their children and husband. Bhel puri has gained popularity not only in India but also in USA, Canada and UK.

Ingredients to make Bhel Puri

Flat crispy puris – 1 packet
Puffed rice – 500 gram
Plain sev – 200 gram
Chat masala – 2 tsp
Chilly powder -1 tsp
Boiled potatoes- 2
Red onion – 1 big
Coriander leaves – ½ bunch
Lemon juice
Salt as required
For spicy chutney- Coriander leaves – ½ bunches, Mint leaves – ½ bunch, Garlic-2 big cloves, Green chilies -2 and Salt.
For sweet chutney- Ground and strained dates -1/2 cup, Tamarind pulp – ¼ cup, Sugar – 1 tbsp, chilly powder- 2 tsp, cumin seeds – 2 tsp.

Procedure to cook Bhel Puri

At first make the spicy chutney and sweet chutney separately by grinding all the ingredients adding some water. Mix puffed rice and sev together adding chat masala, chilly powder and salt. Chop potatoes, onion and coriander leaves.
Mix all the ingredients with lemon juice gently. Spread spicy and sweet chutney over the mixture. Garnish with sev, coriander leaves and crunchy puris. Now the bhel puris are ready.

The process of making bhel puri is very simple. You can easily prepare at home as all the ingredients are available.