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Bhoomi Puja

It is a ceremony that is done for the purpose of the inauguration of a new site for the construction of building, factory or home. Bhoomi Puja is generally carried out early in the morning and conducted in strict conformance to the ancient Indian science of architecture, which is referred as ‘Vaastu Shastra.’ According to Hindu Mythology, Bhoomi Puja do helps in the propitiation of the right natural elements as well as the right energy that surrounds the site.

The time chosen for performing this ceremony is also in accordance to the ‘Vaastu Muhurtam.’ Vaastu Muhurtam is referred to the time when all the natural elements and energy that surrounds the site are to be in full power. At first ‘Vaastu Purusha,’ which is a ritualistic 64-part diagram is drawn on the north-eastern part of the construction site. In this very diagram every part of it denotes a deity and chants as well as offerings are made to each deity. At the end a pit is dug and then the first brick is placed in it. Then an effigy of ‘Vaastu Purusha’ is burnt at the site in order to ward off the evil spirits. The effigy is made from straw.

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