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Bhujangasana, Sarvasana and Mayurasana in Ayurveda


  • 1 Bhujangasana, Savasana and Mayurasana in Ayurveda
  • 2 Bhujangasana
  • 3 Savasana
    • 3.1 Uses
    • 3.2 Mayurasana

Bhujangasana, Savasana and Mayurasana in Ayurveda


Posture: One must lie down on the bed on the abdomen. Both arms straighten and bring lower limbs together.

  • The chin must touch the floor. Bring both the arms to the side of the head and the palms must touch the floor.
  • Bring both the arms to the side of the last ribs. The arms must touch the body.
  • Then raise the head and make the upper portion of the umbilicus like snake head and raise it. The body from umbilicus to foot must be on the ground. Then bend the body like a bow.

Time: 2 minutes.


1. The ligament of the back will get strength. 2. a backache will become less. 3. The fat in the abdomen will become less. 4. Respiratory disorders will be relieved.


Posture: One should lie down on the floor (bed) with his body fully stretched facing upwards. The legs and arms must be kept apart.

  • One must concentrate on the head, in between the eyebrows and relax fully.


1. High blood pressure 2. Good sleep. 3. Keeps the mind and body in tranquility


Posture: Follow the three stages of Hamsasana. Then keep your body on the floor with your forearms on the ground parallel to ground; you should see forwards and come back to original Samasthiti.

Time: 1-5 minutes


1. Good treatment for all abdominal diseases 2. Gives good digestion. 3. Stimulates secretion of abdominal glands.

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