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Big TV Recharge Online

Reliance, one of the leading digital TV service providers in India, has set up various channels for convenient recharging procedure. One of such option is to recharging your digital TV account online, and we are going to discuss this option in details in this article.

All Reliance Digital TV customers can recharge online using the following method:

  • Via Credit Card & Net Banking
  • Via Cash Card - Online

Recharging your Digital TV account using Credit Card & Net Banking

  • Keep your 12 digit Smart Card number handy
  • Make a quick payment using your Credit Card or via Net Banking
  • Visit page [1]. Enter the smart card number and your e-mail address and click Proceed to process your recharge.

Recharging your Digital TV account using Cash Card - Online

  • Purchase a cash card from a Reliance Digital TV outlet.
  • Use your 12 digit Smart Card number to redeem the cash card
  • Visit page [2].

Recharge vouchers are available at Reliance World,Customers should remember to keep the following information handy:

  • 12 digit Smart Card Number: The Smart Card Number is printed on the rear of smart card that is inserted in your set-top box.
  • 12 digit Cash Card PIN (if recharging via cash card): The PIN is on the reverse of the Cash Card.

You can find all the latest information and details at [3]. If you have any query, get in touch with Reliance Digital TV [4]. For other recharge options available visit Reliance-Big-TV.


Currently only netbanking and credit card are accepted as method of online recharge. Many companies avoid using debit card online due to security reasons.

smart card no.200586871938 Axis Bank 5576 5400 0021 6539 sunil R Prasad 02646 255362

smart card No.200586871938 Recharge Rs.230.00 Axis Bank 5576 5400 0021 6539 tel.02646 255362

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