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Bikaner Tour

Bikaner is a city in Rajasthan and is popularly referred to as the camel city. Formerly, a kingdom, this city was set up by Prince Rao Bikaji a ruler of the once famous Rathore dynasty.

There are quite a few major tourist attractions in this city as it has a rich historical background. Lal Garh fort which sports a museum in it is the abode of all the rare and major assets of the kings and princes of the time. The royal train, which was the chief transportation of the king, adorns the entrance to the palace. The Junagarh fort is a monumental structure complete with ramparts and moats. The Shiva Bari Temple with its structural carvings and well sculpted idols are worth a visit. Gaitor is the place where one can find well trimmed gardens with the giant stone umbrellas used by the kings as a shade in their gardens. Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh is one of the most eye-catching sights in this city. It consists of sprawling carpets of lush green grasses and an array of the sweetest smelling flowers one has ever laid eyes on. Rippling streams navigate themselves through the gardens and around the mounds dotting the area.

Bikaner is also home to the only camel research farm in all of Asia. There are various species of camel bred here and rides are offered on camel back which is a must do in this city.

Camels are the most important creatures here and even have their own festivals and competitions.