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Bike racing tracks in India

At present there are only two bike racing tracks in India. The first one is at Sriperambudur, Chennai and the other one is at Coimbatore. Both these racing circuits are owned by the Federation of the Motor Sports Club of India or FMSCI. The tracks are used for both car and bike racing. The track is sometimes by the major automotive manufacturer for testing their products.

'''MMRT, Chennai'''

This is the racing circuit of Chennai and presently it is owned by the Madras Motor Sport Club. This track is located at Sriperambudur, which is an industrial town in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. The salient features of this racing circuit are as follows:

*. The full length of the track is 3.74km.

*. The width of the track is 11 meters and it has got 10 curves.

*. It has three straights and the longest one measure 250 meters.

*. It has a smaller club circuit that is mainly used for short events. The length of this small circuit is 2.1km.

*. The circuit conforms to the norms that have been laid by FIA (Federation Internationale de Automobile) and FIM (Federation Internationale du Motocyliste), the governing body of the motorsport in the world.

'''Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore'''

The other race track is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and its name is Kari Motor Speedway. This racing circuit is smaller then the MMRT, Chennai. The track was inaugurated in the year 2003 and its overall length of the track is 2.20kms. The track has been named in memory of a legendary race car driver and designer Shri. S. Karivardhan. The track has got fourteen banking turns. The Track is also rented out to Automobile companies and also to the Automobile Magazines for testing purposes.

These are two well bike racing tracks in India and both of them are located in the Southern state of India, Tamil Nadu. These bike racing tracks in India confirms to the safety norms that are being issued by FIA and FIM.