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Bliss Therapeutic Technique in Ayurveda

Bliss Therapeutic Technique in Ayurveda[edit]

  • Super fluidity comes from an eccentric matter of super fluids. This is the discovery of physicists.
  • It creates an atmosphere of effortless, frictionless moods in a usual state of meditation. It requires concentration of mind.
  • This bliss therapeutic technique must be learnt under an able Ayurveda doctor or a teacher, before teaching the technique one should be experienced in treating several cases and several types of anxiety and depression or disorders related to them.

Aroma therapy (Balancing doshas through smell)[edit]

  • The panchabuthas are necessary for the growth of man. It is to say he is constituted by it.
  • So also the panchendriyas of the quantum mechanical body, smell is one of them. The touch of a person’s skin will be in the form of vibrations. This is true of even doshas.

Vata: touch and hearing Pitta: sight Kapha: smell and taste

  • If a person is of vata constitution, then he will be very lean and thin in build.
  • The pitta predominance constitution cannot bear sunlight continuously, cannot be exposed to heat in the kitchen or in the factory. They have light hair, light skin and world beauty.
  • In the kapha constitution predominance will have a feeling of smell and taste of the food. These people love the earth, wealth and nature.
  • Seeing through full moon and walking in winter are stated to be good for the pitta dosha.
  • So basing on the aroma therapy patient also feels delighted and enlightened in body and mind.

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