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Body Type Constitution in Ayurveda

Body Type Constitution in Ayurveda[edit]

  • If one wants to be healthy, he should honour his body type of constitution. When one adjusts his food and activities with a balanced body and mind, then he will be in a state of balanced health.
  • The doshas, the digestive fire, tissues and excreta are of balanced state is nothing but a state of perfect health that a person is of vata constitution he is simply and basically of vata predominant constitution.
  • Everybody naturally will be with three constitutions but the predominance of constitution will decide and named as Vataja or Pittaja and Kaphaja constitution.


  • Vata period is the last one third of life (61 years to end of life).
  • The person with vata constitution has a flat chest, is physically lean and very active. Muscles, tendons and veins are distinctly seen outside. The complexion of the person is either brown or bluish.
  • His skin will be rough, cold, dry and cracked. Dark curly hairs and with less muscles are prominent. Eyes will be small, dry and sunken and his conjuctiva will be muddy and dry.
  • The digestion will differ from individual to individual and sometimes, it is variable. He likes sweet, sour and salt-tasted foods and he likes hot foods.
  • His faeces will be hard, dry and small in quantity. In the majority of cases he will be constipated. His sleep will be disturbed. His hands and feet are often cold and will be less prone to perspiration.
  • He talks and walks very fast and feels exhausted. He has a short memory due to intolerance and less confidence.

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