Bonafide Certificate

Bonafide Certificate

A Bonafide Certificate is a certificate which is issued as a proof that an individual belongs to the particular education institute or a particular organization. In case of a bonafide certificate in a school, it is basically used to certify that whether a student is studying in an institute or not. This certificate in school consists of the student's name, admission no, the class in which the student is studying at present. It also sometimes includes the date of birth of the student as it specified in the school records.

When considering an organization consisting of several employees, this Bonafide Certificate plays a vital role in ensuring the salary payments to the employees. This Scheme of Bonafide certificate was first introduced in the year of 1980. The Bonafide Certificate is one form of computer generated report which consists of three important things about the employees. They are:
  • Contact details and some other instructions about the employees,
  • Employee details which are to be checked and
  • The last thing includes the certification which needs to be signed by the site manager.

Bonafide Certificates are required to be produced at all the worksites of DECS. These DECS includes the following and they are school sites, pre-schools, corporate sites, district offices, support units, administrative units etc. At certain times, this Bonafied Certificate is required to be submitted by the individual when he/she is applying for the passport during his/her school or college days.

In case of a college student during his final year project, a bonafide certificate has to be produced along with his or her entire project report. This certificate should contain the project title, name and signature of the supervisor or the project guide. Academic designation, department and the complete address of the institution where the student has been guided by the supervisor.


> Bonafide Certificate
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I have completed B.Ed. from

I have completed B.Ed. from Andhra University, SAMD college for Women. I need Certificate, mark sheet, bonafide certificate and NCTE certificate urgently.

let me know bonafide

let me know bonafide certificate from school for apply passport validity period of this certificate

when student are fail in

when student are fail in acadamic year then bonafide certificat is given or not to that student plz tell...........

its good for the unknown

its good for the unknown people to know from this side about bona fide certificate application and more information........................................

Is there any schools

Is there any schools collecting money for issuing Bonafide certificate?

i am doing bs hons in stats

i am doing bs hons in stats and i want bonafide certificate .
tell men how can i gget this ?
n em going bs from govt clg in lhr .
n it is scholorship form ?
whts the critarea of it tell me?

how to write application for

how to write application for getting bonafide certificate for insurance purpose.

how to write application for

how to write application for getting bonafide certificate for insurance purpose.

I am trying to get a bonafide

I am trying to get a bonafide certificate for my son from the school where he is studying. But each time they are denying my request by saying come another day (its happening for last 45 days)and finally we asked them "are they expecting any money" but the authority replied that they are not going to issue the crtificate. Get it if you can (like a challenge).

how much time does it take

how much time does it take for an organisation to issue bonafide certificate?

within 15 minutes

within 15 minutes



if school doesnt give

if school doesnt give bonafide certificate to 12th pass student then where to get bonafide certificate

i am in same trouble . tell

i am in same trouble . tell me wat to do .

want to bona fide

want to bona fide certificate

Nice to visit this site. I

Nice to visit this site.
I got some ideas from this site.
Surely i share about this site with my friends and relatives.
Thanks a lot for giving ideas about my doubt.
Thanking you
Yours thankfully

Is it essential to give

Is it essential to give Bonafide Certificate by school for proof of Domicile Certificate from state authority ?

The point is not covered in

The point is not covered in the above statement.

we have issued one transfer-cum-study certificate after completion of the program to the student. But she approached passport officials for passport. They are not accepting above certificate and they are asking bonafide certificate. How many times, an organisation can issue bonafide certificate or is it right to issue bonafide certificate after completion of the program. Please suggest.





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