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Borra guhalu

Borra caves is the important tourist place to visit , Located at about 100 Km to the north of vishakapatnam on Ananthagiri hills on the way to Aruku valley . These magnificent limestone caves are discovered in 1807 by William King of the Geological survey of India . These caves are originated from the River Goshani millions of years ago due to the flow of river through lime earth , humic acid in the water reacts with calcium carbonate in the limestone and dissolves the minerals breaking the rock gradually. Thus forms the caves due to flow of water over a period of time .

Borra Caves house million-year- old stalactite and stalagmite formations like Shiv-Paravathi, Mother-Child, Rushi's Beard, Human Brain, Crocodile, Tiger and Cows udder.

The extensive underground chambers , lined by stalactites and stalagmites are now being developed by state tourism department .

How to Reach :

The Borra caves has a well structured network by roads , rails and air services .

Vishakapatnam airport is 100 Km away from caves and can reach by hilly road
The nearest Railway Station of the caves called the ‘Borra Guhalu Railway station’.

Timings to Visit :

10:00 am to 5:30mpm

Entry Fee:

Adult Rupees 25/-
Child Rupees 15/-
Cameras allowed at fee of Rupees 10/-
Video cameras at a fee of Rupees 100/-